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Intelligent solutions for interior design, furniture presentations, and sales based on IMOS technology. 3D All is a platform for furniture know-how externalization: software for space design with windows and doors, adding decorative elements, placing configurable furniture from existing databases, personalized databases, automated cost estimation, production documentation, CNC programs and more.

Brand represented by Pixello.

APR INOVAFLEX is part of the German holding SCHAUENBURG HOSE TECHNOLOGY, producer of polyurethane hoses used in the exhausting and ventilation systems of wood processing industry. The hoses are produced by VACUFLEX and SCHAUENBURG RK, companies of our holding. Therefore, we offer our clients German quality at best prices

Factory latest additions:

  • Proliner Prodim digital countertop measuring apparatus with direct command to cnc. The measurements are more precise than ever and well over Romanian standard.
  • Waterjet that helps us deliver ceramic or sintered stone countertops perfectly manufactured and with no risk of chipping. It also allows us to bind in 45 degree angles this pretentious material
  • 2 axis CNC that was upgraded with a 5 axis module.
  • Breton edge processing machine that allows complex profiles to be obtained. The finished product is shiny and perfectly straight.
  • Industrial dust absorber because we value our employees and want to insure them a healthier work environment.
  • Comandoulli machine to apply classical edge design to our products.
  • We are in the process of eliminating the human factor from our fabrication process to ensure that the costumer receives the best product on the market.

Our new products:

  • We began the import of one of the most prestigious full body sintered stone manufacturers, Lapitec™, and we are boasting that we are among the few able to process this material. Lapitec brings the highest number of finishes, 7, that take you from a mirror effect to an rugged fossil effect.
  • We are now importing Italstone ceramics, member of Italgraniti group of Italy, a ceramic that has prints found in most of the world renowned designers color charts.
  • Also in the ceramics domain we are importing Inalco. Because everybody is different we needed to satisfy all our clients and their projects we bring this product that comes in many matt finishes to complement our other products that come in a more glossy shiny finish.
  • Also from our oldest partner, Technistone Quartz he introduced the top of the pyramid in products. Category “D” is populated by choices like Mystery White, Fantasy Grey, Poetic Black, Crystal Calacatta Amnis si Crystal Calacatta Silva. A new, premium category of products, that satisfy even the most refined architect requests. These products are made in hi-tec matrices with latest generation recepies

“40 and 30 are the years of experience that architect Mircea ȚIBULEAC and his company AXIS GRUP DESIGN put at the disposal of those that love beauty and build tomorrow’s patrimony! The experience gained in those years refers to the design and execution of unique works such as: FENCES AND GATES, RAILINGS, DECORATIVE OBJECTS, FURNITURE, etc. forged mainly using traditional methods. At the fair, you will have the opportunity to meet the company’s manager, architect Mircea ȚIBULEAC, who will be ready to answer all your queries.”

This year on Bife – Sim Exhibition, Bachmann wants to bring innovation to your life!

Home – the place where you can relax with your family. The place where, after a long day at work, you can put your feet up and recharge your batteries. When you come home, all of your everyday worries are left behind. This makes it even more important that this special place is exactly how you need it to be, whether in the kitchen, the living room or the bathroom. BACHMANN products help you make your dream of a perfect home reality. How?

We have the right solution for every room to fill your world with energy, data or media. Do you like stylish design or are you more of a pragmatist? No problem! BACHMANN products can cover a wide range of needs. Find out more about our stylish connector panels such as DESK 2, PIX or KAPSA. You can even integrate these into your furniture. Or maybe you prefer a more classic power strip such as the BACHMANN CRAFTSMAN SOCKET OUTLET? For tech lovers, the BACHMANN product portfolio ticks all the right boxes. Take our SMART adapter, for example, which enables the easy remote switching of electrical devices wherever you are via app or remote control.

Cravcitech SRL has a vast experience in the wood industry area of equipment and machinery. Because we seek for the most durable, efficient and effective products for our customers, we represent only producers from Austria, Germany and Holland. Mühlböck from Austria produces drying kilns for timber, lamellas and sawdust. You can find spare parts for any type of chamber on our online shop www.shop.cravcitech.ro. We are known for high-quality products and services!

Cube44 product lines contain a variety of objects to meet either the needs of a home, office or public or private space such as: tables, chairs and armchairs, bar chairs, sofas, shelves, consoles and stands for clothes, shelves, etc. .

Perfectionism for every detail is the central principle of the production process, for Cube44.

Architectural virtual presentations: Solution for experiencing projects from a completely new perspective

Real-time 360° renderings are a marketing instrument for proposed projects of future buildings or interior designs. The realistic visualization of space, the access from any Internet-connected device and interactivity due to real-time material picking are just a few of the advantages of architectural virtual presentations. Moreover, the perception of special depth in VR will make the client feel like he is really there.

Brand represented by Pixello.

Texathenea, Froca, Canete, Manisse, Stof, Atenas, Bedding House are the factories official represented by SC GEALCO GRUP SRL. At this fair (Bife-Sim 2019) we would like to introduce the latest collections or voiles and curtains from France and Spain, new digital print collections of  Texathenea, textile and leather upholstery and the latest ready made collections: ready made voiles and curtains, bed line collections, throws and blankets, decorative cushions, shower curtains etc.  For more details please visit us on www.dekoration.ro and www.athenea.ro.

Young Belgian company founded in 2014, introduces a new, revolutionary plant design concept.

We offer fully preserved natural plant products that combine aesthetics with high-level acoustic absorbance.

“Main feature of our products is that, unlike living green walls, they require no maintenance at all:

Green Mood creations require neither pruning, watering, nor sunlight. Through a unique stabilization process, we design and create custom frames, green walls and various other objects incorporating preserved plants.

Our design collection, designed by Alain Gilles, is an innovative range of moss-covered acoustic panels in several distinctive formats. The concept is based on bringing the splendour of the natural world into commercial spaces and connecting busy professionals and their customers with the benefits of plants.

Each product acts not only as a natural sound absorber but also helps to reduce stress and promote the general wellbeing we usually find when out walking in nature.

By combining multi-tonal and textured moss with powder coated metal frames, Green Mood has developed a high quality product range, ideal for sophisticated corporate environments »

Equipment exhibited at BIFE-SIM 2019: Log cutting line Wravor WRC-1150, Straight line ripsaw with automatic fence MJ, Double side planer SHENKO, Finger-jointing line YNF, Moulder 4-side planer machine with 6 spindles SHENKO, Laser projection devices – industrial range

GSS WOODEX offer complete equipment and solutions that meet the clients’ interests and desires, starting from logs or timber and going the way to finished products: Sawmill line with log carriage and vertical bandsaw DINACO, Cross-cutting machines with optimisation by length MOST, Cold pressing systems for beams and panels, Wide band calibration and sanding machines, Lathes and CNC machining centers INTOREX, Solutions for cutting lamellas

Solid Surface Hanex: a material that enhances functionality and completes an interior design

This material has several features such as three-dimensional thermo formability, the possibility of invisible joints and dimensional homogeneity that allow the creation of unique furniture elements with novel shapes. From curved elements to engraved and illuminated surfaces, Hanex is the ideal choice for both residential applications (kitchen and bathroom countertops, wall paneling, decorative panels, etc.) as well as for commercial applications (vertical and horizontal surfaces in: kitchens, bathrooms, airports, medical centers, food preparation areas, office buildings, exhibition stands, etc.).

Brand represented by Pixello.

Home & More Concept designs and manufactures custom-made wood furniture for private homes, commercial spaces, office or Horeca (hotels, restaurants, bars, pubs, cafes, etc.). The company integrates unique, modern or classic design solutions with finest products of great quality: office furniture, solid wood interior doors, kitchens, dressings, special furniture for bars and restaurants, decorative panels and much more. Our company also provides restoration services for antique furniture. The Home & More Concept team is made up of highly skilled and experienced staff in the field of furniture construction: designers, carpenters, sanders, dyers, etc.

IMOS: CAD | CAM Software for furniture industry

IMOS is a specialist software for furniture design, manufacture and distribution. From small retailers to big industrial producers, IMOS combines multiple processes like e-commerce, design, analysis, automation of production facilities and integration of existing IT solutions.

Brand represented by Pixello.

“Who are we?

We are a creative, innovating and professional team, made up of persons committed to the profession. We edit professional magazines on a monthly basis, we manage virtual platforms, we participate in events and organize events, make videos, write feature reports from the midst of the events, provide information from the source and run promotion campaigns on social media.

What do we edit?

For over 20 years, we have edited and issued the most important wood industry magazine in Romania, in printed form, under a joint brand, Intarzia & Castor.

The two magazines alternatively deal with furniture manufacturing (the red magazine) in January, March, May, July, September and November, respectively wood processing, the production of homes, doors and windows (in the green issue) in February, April, June, August, October and December.”

PRODUCTION is a company with experience in producing solid wood tables and upholstered chairs.  Tables are solid wood, a combination of oak and turkish oak.There are table inside,rustic, antique, but with modern lines and trends, current finishes let you see elegant wild oak, an artisan craft crafted carefully and with great taste.   Because keeping the original rustic fiber of wood, each table in part ist.unique.   The chairs have solid wood frame, legs oak or beech, natural lacquered or finished in shades of walnut, cherry, kolonial or wenghe..Leater upholstery is fabric or having a wide range of colors.

IWERP: Intelligent solution in the field of furniture business optimization

The online platform IWERP is the integrated solution to run your entire business, covering the complete package of operations: from client, project, stock and purchase management to detailed planning of each person’s tasks. The IWERP platform has been specially designed from scratch to become the ideal planning, management and tracking tool for furniture manufacturers.

Brand represented by Pixello.

Originality is one of the features that distinguish LisMaster collections. Solid wood, perfect finishes, fine lines, harmonious combinations of textures and colors are all features that give this collections uniqueness, a visual delight for all lovers of beauty.

“With our furniture pieces, we want to offer solutions for any space, from apartments, spacious cottages, cafes to luxury, exclusive hotels.”

The design explores the need for beauty and functionality by joining the right furniture and accessories, so that at the end, the result would match the expectations of our customers.

Luminna is a concept for identifying the best solutions in terms of lighting. Through our wide range of products we can respond to any type of project (interior, exterior and even for street). Under the brand of Luminna, we have many lighting suppliers recognized in the EU and beyond.

Our team’s mission is to simplify the planning process by providing complete and accurate solutions. For this reason, this year we expanded our product range by joining a UK supplier of furniture and accessories.

“We provide a wide range of chenille, flock and synthetic leather. Our creation team develops designs and colour trends for the furniture for both classical and contemporary ranges.”

NETT FRONT SRL produces superior quality furniture doors in a wide range of decors and finishes for those who appreciate quality and good taste. By following the new market trends and implementing the latest technology in the industry, we want to meet both the requirements of furniture manufacturers, interior designer and end-users.

The offer includes:

– 3D folied MDF doors with various milling patterns, (uni colors, wood imitations, texture imitation) with the following finishes available: ultra matt, matt, high gloss / high gloss 3D and antique.

– 3D painted MDF doors with various milling patterns, ultra-matte or glossy (NETT COLOR EXPRES, NETT COLORS)

– Decorative elements: Nett Decoraft 7, Nett Top 7, Nett Crystal, Nett Top Crystal.

„Regardless of the style, we find the whole range of fronts from rustic and classic to modern, being manufactured to the highest quality standards thanks to raw materials from Western European suppliers, especially from the German market, with a long tradition in their manufacture as well as permanent quality control throughout the technological flow, from the input of the raw material into the production and the packaging of the finished product.”

The visitors of the BIFE SIM fair can see in 2019 at the exhibition stand of the company SORIN MIHAI – Utilaje pentru Prelucrarea Lemnului SRL machines produced by companies of the Weinig Group – Germany, which are used for main processings, that are necessary in any woodworking factory, namely: timber cutting and edging, cross-cutting and cutting out errors, planing and profiling.

Using the three machines, which are exposed at our stand one can produce, starting from timber, semi-finished products or profiles.

The first operation consists in the edging and the width cutting of the timber with the multi-blade rip saw, type Raimann VarioRip 310M. The two mobile blades contribute enormously to the width optimization of the timber board and to the reduction of the wood loss, the positioning of the blades being made according to the desired widths of the lamellas and for a further optimum cutting out of errors. When cutting predetermined widths with fix blades, the repositioning of the blades is very quick and easy due to the „Quickfix” system.

The width cutting of the timber is followed by the cross-cutting and the cutting out of errors. This year we will exhibit and make demonstrations with an OptiCut 200 Basic optimizing cross-cut saw. This machine can cut fix lenghts according to a list of parts or make a complete optimization of the raw lamellas and a sortation of the resulted parts in three qualities. The high cutting precision is achieved also due to the individually ordered pressure rolls.

The third exposed machine is a planing and moulding machine, type Weinig Powermat 1500. Having  6 spindels this machine can produce many profile models or can be used for four-sided planing. In this case the first top spindle can be additionally equipped with choppers, so that it can simultaneously process three sides of the lamella (top, left and right) and the edges of the lamella are thus perfectly parallel, which represents an enormous advantage, when the lamellas are used afterwards at the production of solid wood panels.

At the stand of the company SORIN MIHAI we will present also products of the companies Esterer WD – Germany, Termolegno – Italy, S+S Maschinenbau – Germany. Like every year we have an area dedicated to Jowat adhesives, Riepe cleaning/separation solutions, Piher clamping and pressing devices and Pizzi adhesive application devices.

This year, at the BIFE-SIM international furniture fair in Bucharest, Spectral Mobila will exhibit a wide range of MDF kitchens produced by the company. There will be presented both the kitchen set with promotional prices, as well as the modular kitchens with multiple storage solutions and options for the integration of the built-in appliances and sanitary items in the kitchens. Although Spectral Mobila produces a range of furniture including bedrooms, living rooms, hall furniture, youth rooms, office furniture, tables and more, for the BIFE-SIM 2019 international furniture fair Spectral Mobila opted for the exclusive exposition of the kitchens produced by the company to be able to present the full available range of colors, milling and materials.

Intelligent mounting solutions for the furniture industry

At the tesa stand you can find solutions, from mounting the mirrors to joining the poster walls of the furniture. We are at your side in every step of production process: Mirrors, Glass doors, LED strips, Decorative glass panels, Fixing decorative elements on glass, plexiglass or wood, Decorative panels, Reinforcement of the back plywood.

Advantages of using adhesive tapes are quickness and easynes in assembly and design.

tesa® dispensers can be easily integrated into the customer’s production lines without the need for major adjustments. Adhesive tapes can be a fixation solution with better performance than liquid adhesives or mechanical fastening methods.

“We are URBAN WOODS and our workshop is located in the heart of Transylvania, Romania. We produce dining and coffee tables made of hardwood.

Our products are made exclusively out of salvaged wood. We decided to salvage old trees that come bundled with many defects which would normally be rejected by other manufacturers of solid wood furniture. In order to preserve the natural beauty of the wood we chose to emphasize these defects and even amplify them in our products. Therefore nodes or simple imperfections of the wood filled with transparent epoxy resin are an ubiquitous element in the products we create.

The production process is a long and difficult one. Once the trees are salvaged and brought into the workshop, the wood is cut and allowed to dry for up to three years before being processed and turned into dining or coffee tables.

We handle each process from standing trees to the finished product being delivered in your home.”

Vascony’s main activity is the production of solid wood panels, especially of oak.

“Over time, our company has gained an important market share by selling its products in many European countries.

In order to increase the value of our panels, the management of the company has focused on turning them into wooden tables and stairs that bring warmth and beautify to any living or office space.

Our tables address both to generous spaces and to smaller spaces as well.

In our stand you will find some representative models for the production of tables and stairs and you can discuss details regarding the dimensions, finishing and possible assembly.”

Wood Expert Industry, is a company that has been working since 2005 in the field of woodworking professional equipment, it has experienced staff both on sales, technical advice, designing technological lines, production flows, and also servicing.

Primary processing: Machines and equipment for saw mills – producers Primultini, Pilous, Serra; Drying kilns –  producer Baschild; Steaming kilns – producer Baschild; High temperature kilns – producer Baschild; Exhaust systems – producer O.M.A.R; Pallet lines – producer Storti; Circular saws – producers Paul Maschinenfabrik, Reinhardt, Stromab; Industrial boilers – producer Sceat; Lines for debarking logs – producers Nicholson, Primultini; Maintenance machines – producers Iseli, Vollmer; Shredding lines – producer Vecoplan.

Secondary processing: Classic carpentry machines – producers Casadei – Busellato, Centauro; CNC machines – producers Bacci, Stromab, Casadei – Busellato; Lathes for wood – producer Centauro; Automatic carpentry machines – producers Bottene, Ledinek; Industrial calibrating and sanding machines – producer Heesemann; Finger joint line – producer CKM Taiwan; Machines for chairs – producer Camam; Finishing lines – producers Camam, Giardina Finishing; Circular saws – producers Altendorf, Paul Maschinenfabrik; Presses – producers Orma Macchine, Stromab; Machines for parquet – producers Friulmac, Wintersteiger; Exhaust systems – producer O.M.A.R.